A New Angle on an Old Habit.

How Easy Stool WorksA  Global fusion of toilet habits, East meets west with the toilet stool that changes your western loo into a safe squat toilet.

No doubt, genetics, diet and life style play important roles in health but are western toilet habits the most natural posture for urination, defecation and colon health?

Here at easystool toilet stools we believe that prevention is better than cure, that a full and natural elimination of waste with minimal straining is essential for maintaining optimum health.

Science explains the physiological effects of the squatting posture for elimination and statistics show that there are less colon cancer rates in countries that adopt a squatting posture when going to the toilet. (WHO, Globocan 2012)

The easystool was developed by Khoji Lee in 2013 with these facts in mind and a design was created that is a fusion of western and eastern toilet cultures.

Toilet Stool in positionHaving had his own bowel and straining issues, he started looking for a natural alternative to creams, laxatives and drugs. He found that the western toilet design is not designed to put us in the correct posture and so he experimented with different stool designs and materials to put us in the right posture.

Khoji also wanted to design an eco-friendly, non-plastic, piece of well designed, good looking, bathroom/toilet furniture. Each stool being totally unique because of the nature of the material; natural pine laminate.

You will own a functional and good looking toilet stool that will last you a lifetime.

The easystool toilet stool design features curves to complement the modern and older style loos and Khoji edges and finishes each stool in his workshop on the Sunshine coast, Queensland.

By buying a Easystool you will know you are helping the planet by buying a toilet stool that takes up carbon and is eco-friendly.


  • Can be flicked onto its side and be stored under the bowl of your toilet. Unlike any other toilet stool on the market.

  • Is made of Sustainable timber: 15 mm Radiata pine laminate, an eco-friendly product

  • Has an enhanced natural grainy and unique timber texture for non-slip and beauty.

  • A robust and sturdy design, the easystool is made to last.

  • Comes in three different colors; White, Pine and Jarrah.

  • Can be easily stored, tucked under loo and cleaned with brush and a damp cloth.

  • Unlike plastic it can be sanded and resealed over a lifetime to suit your bathroom decor.

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