The Australian made toilet stool that easily and quickly transforms your western toilet into safe and comfortable squat toilet.

Looking for the most holistic and organic way to alleviate constipation and painful piles or simply want to go the natural way humans were designed.

Feel Light all day!

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Here at Easystool toilet stools we know from scientific studies and hours of testing that pooping with your knees up higher than your hips will give you a fuller and healthier poop.

Our Australian made toilet stool that is designed to do just that!

Poop with our easystool and you’re posture is perfect for the best poop you will ever have.

East meets west as the easystool transforms your western toilet into a safe and comfortable squat toilet. Designed by a human for humans to go the natural way we were designed to go!

Not only will you be buying a great Aussie designed toilet stool for a lifetime of pooping ease and feel light all day but you will also know that you are helping the planet in capturing carbon.

The non-plastic safe and comfortable squat toilet solution for your pooping pleasure: Sit and squat at the same time.

Aussie designed and made  since 2013 you will be supporting a local Australian business and buying a strong and sturdy toilet stool to last you and your family a lifetime.

Into Yoga, Paleo or Organics then the easystool is for you.

Yoga is all about posture for health and wellness and the easystool mimics the squatting posture while sitting comfortably on the toilet. The easystool is the perfect complementary toilet stool for the yogi, with the knees higher than the hips it is the perfect posture for your most important morning movement.

Paleo is all about the diet and non processed food. Cross fitness and health. The easystool way to go is aligned to these values. After all, I am sure that our ancestors wern’t dragging around a pedestal toilet with them.

Organic food with out preservatives and pesticides is part of a great diet. Why would you go to all that effort and money getting the best produce if when you go you sit to go and kink your colon. Optimum health with the right diet plays a major part in wellness. The emptying of all out waste during elimination is also paramount.

The Easystool is not only made from Eco friendly timber but also comes in three colors: Pine, Jarrah or White to complement your beautiful bathroom or toilet. After all a plastic potty is for the kids and adults are after a toilet stool with class.

The easystool also comes in two heights. 23cm and 21cm.

23 cm: for those with higher toilets or shorter or flexible folks.

21cm: for those with lower toilets or taller or less flexible folks.

Using your Easy Stool

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Easy Stool

THE FACTS (The bottom line)

Sitting on the western pedestal toilet can be detrimental to our health!

The sitting posture to go kinks the lower colon and so contributes to daily straining of pelvic floor muscles.

Squatting to go is the humans natural position; squatting relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and less straining is required to poop.

Long term straining can lead to piles and incontinence problems.

Doesn’t it make sense to prevent these issues in the first place?  By simply moving your knees up higher than your hips to go.


  • 2 in 5 Women have pelvic floor issues.
  • 5 million people affected by Incontinence (1 in 4.)
  • 1 in 10 men and 1 in 15 women affected by bowel cancer in Australia
  • 175 K spent every day on Incontinence and Pelvic floor issues.
  • 63.8 Million per year spent on Incontinence and pelvic floor issues.
  • 19 people a day in Surgery.



A Global fusion of toilet habits from East and West.

The modern solution for a squat toilet.

  • The easystool toilet stool is designed to safely and quickly transform the western pedestal toilet into a comfortable squat toilet.

  • The easystool toilet stool allows anyone, young or old, to sit comfortably and safely on the toilet as you normally would and squat at the same time.

  • The easystool toilet stool changes your posture to the natural squatting position. This posture relaxes the pelvic floor muscles, pressurises and straightens the colon making it easier to go.

The easystool toilet stool 

  • Prevents straining pelvic floor muscles

  • Relieves constipation

  • Prevents piles

  • Aids with IBS

The easystool allows the user to experience an easier, fuller, and much quicker poop.

You could spend a fortune on medications, drugs, laxatives or colonics or for only $120 (postage included) you could have an easystool for a lifetime! Au natural!

Toilet Stool - Jarrah


  • Used at Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy, Nambour, QLD.

  • Recommended by Buderim Gastroenterology Centre, Maroochydore, QLD.

  • The Australian Department of Health and Ageing in their “Looking after your bowel” booklet 2012, suggests that a good toileting habit is to use a toilet stool. Like an easystool!

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