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Easystool - Do it with your knees up!

Global Toilet Fusion

The new Australian timber toilet stool, designed to put your body into the natural and correct toilet posture for pelvic floor and colon health

Welcome to Easystool

Easily and quickly transforms your western toilet  into safe and comfortable squat loo!

Looking for the most holistic and organic way to aliviate constipation and painful piles or simply want to go the natural way humans were designed. 

THE FACTS(The bottom line)

Sitting on the western pedestal toilet can be detrimental to our health!

The sitting posture to go kinks the lower colon and so contributes to daily straining of pelvic floor muscles. Squatting to go is the humans natural position; squatting relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and less straining is required to poo. 

Long term straining can lead to piles and incontience problems. Doesn't it make sense to prevent these issues in the first place. Simply by getting your knees up.


*2 in 5 Women have pelvic floor issues.

*5 million people affected by Incontinence (1 in 4.)

*19 people a day in Surgery.

*175 K spent every day on Incontinence and Pelvic floor issues.

*63.8 Million per year spent on Incontinence and pelvic floor issues. 

*1 in 10 men and 1 in 15 women affected by bowel cancer in Australia

*Statistics: www.aihw.gov.au


A Global fusion of toilet habits from East and West.

*The easystool is designed to safely and quickly transform the western pedestal toilet into a comfortable squat/sit loo.

*The easystool allows anyone, young or old, to sit comfortably and safely on the toilet as you normally would and squat at the same time.

*The easystool changes your posture to the natural squatting position. This posture relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and pressurises the colon, making it easier to go.

The easystool.. 

  • Prevents straining pelvic floor muscles 
  • Relieves constipation
  • Prevents piles
  • Aids with IBS

Allows an easier, fuller and quicker defecation.

You could spend a fortune on medications, drugs, laxatives, colonics or for only $120 (postage included) you could have an easystool for a lifetime! Au natural!


*Used at Integrated Pelvic Physiotherapy, Nambour, QLD.

*Recommended by Buderim Gastroenterology Centre, Maroochydore, QLD.

*The Australian Department of Health and Ageing in their "Looking after your bowel" booklet 2012, suggests that a good toileting habit is to use a footsool. Like an easystool!


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Tested by toddlers, tired mums and busy bums… Check out what other people are saying.....

"Its Super" Dr A. Ward. W.A.

"I was skeptical at first, but I tried it and wow, it really works, amazing the difference just by putting your knees up" Hans O. Victoria.

 "I use the easystool everyday without fail, I couldnt imagine my mornings without it" Matty C. Queensland.

"Oh yes, its wonderfully and  I like the way it just flicks out of the way after use, very neat" Sheila L. Western Australia. 

" I use much less toilet paper, it seems in this position I have no more straining, it just slips out"     Peter B, Queensland.

"Well it just makes sense doesn't it, humans are designed to do it squatting, great to see someones thinking. I used to suffer from mild haemorrhoids and now they are gone"  John L. Queensland.  

 Join the growing global Easystoolin community, buy an easystool and be an Easystooler for you and your families colon health.

Australian Design Registration No. 350609